Wednesday 18 July 2012

Food-Hungry Feathered Fiend

A quick trip back to the other day. Roscoe, Danica and I wanted to go for a dip, so we drove down to southern Calgary to go to Sikome lake. The website said it was open first weekend of June and we adore swimming so naturally we were all really excited. When we got there, we found out via sign pasted over that the man made body of water was closed until June 16th! How rude! We decided to go downtown to a measure of the river and plunge ourselves there.

We parked by Eau Claire Market and walked through Prince`s Island Park where they have a branch of river that is usually inhabited by a voluminous congregation of geese, ducks and the occasional gull or two, sometimes innumerable. We strolled past the water and down and around the park where Danica decidedly photo bombed a picture of some adolescent imp on a bridge. We made it to the river, though we did not wonder in much more than the what we could call the sand bar. We skipped some rocks and splashed each other and had a grande time. We started to head back to the car, again walking around the park and such, I almost got hit in the head with a frisbee. We made it back to the goose indwell and watched some goose-lings and mallards swim about with the larger geese.

This next part was my favorite part of the day and honestly, the main reason why I am posting about this expedition. Across the arm of water, some people started feeding the birds. The smile on our faces lit up when we saw this. We know how geese are. We know that a life long fear of geese would ensue in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... the child goes screaming towards the mother after the goose snapped at her hand. The goose concluded that it should follow, for she has food. The little girl, who appeared no older than 6, reached out to grapple onto her mother`s leg as the goose was in pursuit. That feathered fowl tackled the bantam damsel in distress! I know it may be cruel, but it had to be the most hilarious thing in a while and I was the only one to watch it go down! A goose on a rock on our side of the brook chose to go evacuate its bowels at the exact same moment the one across was determined to contend with the food abnegating child. The other two I was with were distracted by the said poo-clad event.

What a glorious day.

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