Wednesday 18 July 2012

Bilateral Blog

Greetings! This entry to to kick of the new portion of The Hydrant, "The Boy Chronicles". This section is to account for all those moments in life were I feel like posting all that absurdity that is not kink related. A lot of you know me as a pup, and for good reason. A pup is mainly what I am, and my kinks mean a lot to me and have become a lofty, even exalted part of my life. However, there is a bit more to me than that. Everything that is likened to that part of my life will be posted in this section. I hope you enjoy the new version of accounts of my vigor.

Please note that if you choose to subscribe to my blog, you can choose to either subscribe to one part or the other by filling in the "Follow By Email" box on the side bar, in the section you wish to receive updates on. If you want to receive updates from both sections of the blog, you have to fill out the box in both sections.

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