Tuesday 20 November 2012

Passed But Always Here

This morning, one of my Tarantulas sadly passed away. Uthr (Old Norse for Past) was my Mexican Red Knee or Brachypelma smithi. I took care of her for a friend, as she went on vacation and needed someone to look after her tarantulas. I fell in love with the Red Knee during that time. About a week after I gave her back, my friend came back to me and said "I promised myself I would only have two tarantulas, and I bought another, and I know how much you loved taking care of my smithi, so I would like you to have her". I was caught off guard and honored. I took Uthr in and cared and loved for her.

Uthr crica about 2011
 She will be missed but never forgotten.Most people see you as a scary spider, but I loved you, and always will.

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