Thursday 9 August 2012

A Tumultuous Transfer

After a rather turbid time trying to figure things out, I have managed to change the account this blog is administrated by to the account I actually use.

I was using my old email address, but I got a new one when bearpup came around. I inadvertently made a Google account for it and thus, will not allow me change the old address on the account to the new one as it is "already associated with another account". You apparently cannot delete Google accounts and when I tried to email them, it said I couldn't use a Gmail address to email Google Support. That is kinda pathetic in my mind. On top of it, they would only give me 25 goddamn spaces in the goddamn comment box to explain the goddamn problem.

Anyway, with a bit of direction from Roscoe, I manage to add my new email address as a moderator to the my blog, and then change status from moderator to administrator. I could then deleted my old email address as the blog needs at least administrator at all times. This effectively switched the blog to be under my new address' full and utter control! Muh ha hahahahaha!

This has not changed anything to do with the blog, other than the administrating email address.

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